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Collect Your Digital Music Royalties


Our Services

We are YouTube Partner Certified.

When you register songs to your account,

we review and deliver your song metadata to

digital platforms and collect your songwriting royalties on your behalf. Payouts are on a

quarterly basis.



Songkiss will never ask you to give up any of your copyrights as a songwriter. You keep 100% ownership of your songs and maintain full control of your work.



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We charge a 15% administration fee for all royalty types. You keep the rest. Payout threshold is $100.

Keep Your Rights

Songkiss leaves copyright ownership and creative control where it belongs — with you.


About Us



Songkiss started as a quarterly workshop that brings together talented songwriters for weekends of collaboration and mentorship. It quickly expanded to helping artists explore their untapped royalties while continuing to make music worry free.


Our mission is to help songwriters access what they are due. 

We believe that songwriters - from performers to beat creators to instrumentalists and beyond - can build a lively ecosystem when they take control of managing their music.




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