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How long does it take to start collecting royalties?

Once you sign up and add your song information, you will be immediately registered. It takes a minimum of 3 months to receive your first royalty payment. You’ll receive $ at the end of each quarter as long as you hit our $100 minimum.


Please note: YouTube backpay royalties take a minimum of 4 months to kick in. However, by the first quarter of signing up, you should receive general ad revenue that is earned, as long as your song is monetizing on YouTube.


*In order to get paid quickly, please submit related ISRC information of your song as YouTube algorithm matches ISRC as it's main source. The more ISRC codes, the likely you maximize and speed up your payment!

How far back can you collect my royalties?

The good news is that with YouTube, there is no expiration. This means we are able to collect retroactive royalties when available. However, the amount collected may be affected by past publishing deals. The best way to increase your odds is to register your songs with the correct co-writers, ownership splits, and any related ISRC/recording information to ensure everything is covered to collect.

How often do you pay my royalties?

Songkiss distributes royalties quarterly (4x a year) as long as you have met our $100 minimum and have valid tax information on file.

I already use a distributor like Distrokid or CD Baby. Can I still sign up with Songkiss?

Yes, labels and distributors deal with recordings; we focus on collecting digital royalties related to compositions.

What do you do that my PRO doesn't?

The short answer: Your PRO only collects half of what your song earns. PRO is only responsible to collect performance royalties meaning your mechanical royalties are still waiting to be claimed and collected.

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